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Now They Tell Us – About Those ‘Election Deniers’

Minnesota's Mr. Right, Jason LewisIs the Supreme Court about to tee it up for 2020 ‘election deniers’?

By Jason Lewis –

It goes without saying that voter fraud is nothing new. Think Tammany Hall and Chicago’s ‘city bosses,’ including Cook County in the 1960 presidential election. Or read Means of Ascent, Robert Caro’s masterful account of ‘landslide’ Lyndon’s shenanigans at the ballot box during his 1948 Senate run-off in Texas.

And who can forget (except the media) the more recent FBI investigation into the corrupt ‘community organization’ ACORN that resulted in the arrests of eight workers in St. Louis for a host of election law violations? Pretending voter fraud doesn’t exist is political strategy, not reality.

That’s why partisans screaming the loudest at so-called ‘election deniers’ have to rely on gaslighting and online censorship. The Democrat/Media complex looks at ballot integrity precisely the same way it looks at climate change or vaccine mandates—there is no debate.

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