Action Plan

Follow our five-step action plan for becoming part of the Election Integrity Watch team:Election Integrity Plan Checklist

  1. Get Your Gear – Order an Election Integrity Watch button – wear it when you go to the polls as a visible message to others that you are watching for voter fraud. Thanks to our 2018 victory at the US Supreme Court, it’s been settled that voters can not be harassed by election officials for wearing them in the polling place! Putting a bumper sticker on your car helps, too!
  2. Know What to Watch For – Review our Election Integrity Watch List so that you are educated on what to watch for at the polls.
  3. Register as a Volunteer – Sign-up to volunteer in one or more capacities as part of our Election Integrity Watch team.
  4. Report Suspicious Activities – If you spot suspicious activity on Election Day log the incident on our website.  Take notes about what you saw, when it occurred, where it took place and who was involved (ask people for their names). Take a photograph of the license plate of any vehicles involved (note  – you must be at least 100 feet away from the polling place).  If the incident involves a van or bus carrying multiple people to a polling place, try to follow the vehicle to see if it goes to other polling places.
  5. Donate: Help us create public awareness of the Election Integrity Watch program by making a contribution.

Bonus Step 6: If you have a website, get the code for a “Report Fraud Button.

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