Our Motto

Our motto at Election Integrity Watch is “WATCH, RECORD and REPORT, don’t CONFRONT.”  Here’s an explanation of the meaning of our motto:

  • WATCH – Be knowledgeable of what to watch for and then be aware of your surroundings when you go to vote.
  • RECORD– If you spot suspicious activities, record the details — when, where, what, who and how — if you speak to an election judge, get their name, the name of the polling place, etc.  You can take photographs or videos of the incident or the people involved outside 100 feet of the polling place. Only use cameras inside the polling place if it’s the only way to identify the perpetrators of fraud and never photograph someone voting, or their ballot.
  • REPORT – Report the incident online using our Incident Reporting Form.
  • DON’T CONFRONT – Under no circumstances should you directly confront or question a voter.  If you have personal knowledge that someone is not eligible to vote, speak to an Election Judge about the issue and request a challenge form.
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