Frequently Asked Questions

Should I ask voters any questions?

NO! Fraud Spotters should not approach other voters for any reason. Just watch, document and report. Election judges may question voters under some circumstances.

Can I take pictures of voters inside the polling place?

Generally speaking, no. Don’t photograph any voters while voting, or any completed ballots. If you see an election crime underway and have no other way to identify the people involved or document the crime, take a picture but only as a last resort.

How can I watch for fraud if I can’t remain in the polling place except to vote?

You won’t be alone. We’re recruiting election judges and poll challengers who will be able to remain in polling places all day. For everyone else, we’re just asking you to be vigilant when you go to vote. Be observant. If you see anything suspicious when voting, report it. We’re relying on the vigilance of thousands of citizens who will provide a steady stream of voters informed on what to watch for while inside the polling place.

If you want to help beyond being watchful when voting, you can observe your polling location from outside to watch for voter intimidation tactics, illegal campaigning, busses that may be transporting people to more than one polling place and other illegal election-related activities. Just remember to stay 100’ away from the polling place.

What should I do if an election judge asks me to move further than 100’ from the polling place?

Make sure you are at least 100’ from the polling place. If you are confident that you are legally entitled to be where you are, stand your ground. Contact Election Integrity Watch to report the situation.

What should I do if I am harassed while observing a polling place?

Don’t take the bait. Don’t engage detractors and don’t let them goad you into a confrontation. Keep your cool. If you feel threatened, call police and report the incident to us.

What should I do if I see another fraud spotter misbehaving?

It’s possible that our detractors will attempt to impersonate Election Integrity Watch volunteers in an effort to cast a bad light on our efforts. If you see any poll watchers breaking the law, behaving aggressively, or disturbing the peace, report it to us and call the police.

Can I challenge a voter if I have reason to believe he or she is not eligible?

Yes, but not directly. Don’t confront the suspicious voter. Instead, go to an election judge and tell the judge that you wish to challenge a voter. The judge will provide you with a form you must complete to issue the challenge. Do not do this unless you are very sure the voter is not eligible based on facts you are certain of. Other suspicious activity should be noted and reported.

I’m an election judge or poll challenger. Can I wear an Election Integrity Watch button while working the polling place?

For judges, almost certainly not. For poll challengers, probably not. Follow the instructions of the head election judge.

I’m an election judge or poll challenger. Can I still participate in Election Integrity Watch?

Absolutely! Your job is very important to protecting election integrity. Be sure to read all the materials at this website in detail. Print the summary of election law to keep in your pocket at the polling place for quick reference. If you see suspicious activity, make note of it and report it to us as soon as practical.

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