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Below is a collection of articles about allegations, investigations and convictions of voter fraud in the news. It is by no means a comprehensive list, but is updated regularly with new stories about election fraud.

A common talking point of election integrity opponents is that voter fraud is rarer than being struck by lightning. If that’s so, emergency rooms must be swamped with an epidemic of electrocution victims in this country based on the number of fraud cases identified here.

11.01.2023 – CT judge orders new mayoral primary after surveillance videos show possible ballot stuffing

09.18.2023 – Police investigation into stuffing ballot collection box in 2023 Bridgeport primary elections – Surveillance video

08.30.2023 – Three tied to 2019 Bridgeport mayoral campaign recommended for election crime charges

11.29.2022 – Walker County, GA Man Convicted for Voter Fraud (Sentenced to 25 Years)

09.12.2022 – Stamford CT Democratic Chief Found Guilty of 28 Felonies in Ballot Fraud Case

06.06.2022 – Former US Congressman & Political Operative Pleads Guilty to Election Fraud (Conspiracy went on at least since 2014)

05.21.2020 – Philly Election Judge Admits Taking Bribes, Stuffing Ballot Box for Democrats

01.11.2020 – Marshall Police Investigating Voter Registration Fraud

12.13.2019 – WI – Judge Says 234,000 Voter Registrations Should be Tossed

12.10.2019 – Non-Citizen Sentenced to 4 Years for Identity Theft, Voter Fraud

11.16.2019 – MN Woman Charged for Voting Twice

11.07.2019 – Wife of NM City Council Member Convicted on 5 Counts of Voter Fraud

11.03.2019 – MN Non-Citizen Charged with 13 Counts Absentee Voter Fraud

09.26.2019 – MI City Clerk up on 6 Felony Charges in Election Fraud Case

02.21.2019 – NC Orders New Election After Candidate Admits Ballot Tampering

02.14.2019 – MN Felony Charge: MCTC Student Admits Double Voting After Being Vouched for

01.11.2015 – Fourth Defendant Pleads Guilty in Dothan AL Voter Fraud Scheme

12.03.2015 – Missouri – Greene County Woman Charged for Voting Twice

12.03.2015 – Kansas Man Pleads Guilty in Unlawful Voting Case

10.13.2015 – 3 Voter Fraud Cases Prosecuted in Kansas, More Cases Expected

09.03.2015 – Alabama Woman Found Guilty on 24 Counts of Voter Fraud

07.09.2015 – Union County (MS) Deputy Circuit Clerk Arrested for Voter Fraud

06.24.2015 – Three Philly Election Officials Face Multiple Voter Fraud Charges

05.18.2015 – Four Charged after Forging Thousands of Signatures (MO)

05.16.2015 – Court Report: Le Sueur MN Couple’s Deception Brings Voter Fraud Charges

05.07.2015 – Non-Citizen Deported for Voter Fraud (IL)

04.11.2015 – Alabama Women Convicted on 7 Counts of Absentee Voting Fraud in Election Decided by 14 Votes

04.07.2015 – Warrant Issued for Milwaukee man Accused of Voter Fraud

10.06.2014 – CT State Representative Arrested on 19 Voter Fraud Charges

09.20.2014 – Wanamingo MN Township Supervisor Burned Ballots in his back Yard

09.12.2014 – CA Senator gets jail time in Voter Fraud Case

07.08.2014 – 4 Charged on Multiple Counts of Absentee Ballot Fraud in Alabama Municipal Election

07.01.2014 – Voter Registration Fraud Alleged in Minneapolis, MN – Over 140 registered at Mail Center

06.23.2014 – Shorewood WI Man Charged with 13 Counts of Voter Fraud

05.09.2014 – 3 Women Charged on 56 Counts of falsifying Ballots in Texas Municipal Election

04.03.2014 – Texas Woman gets 6 Months for Voting 5 times under Different Names in 2012 Runoff Election

04.02.2014 – North Carolina Officials Identify up to 35,000 cases of Double Voting on Initial Review

03.11.2014 – New Jersey Judge Charged with 2 Counts of Voter Fraud

03.11.2014 – Mummified Detroit Woman voted 2 years after Dying

02.24.2014 – 80 more Voting cases sent to Iowa Prosecutors

02.22.2014 – PA: Philly Election Board Worker Arrested for Voter Fraud

02.13.2014 – KY – Vote-Buyers Convicted in 2006 Allowed to run for Office Again (‘Bought’ voters were accompanied into booths and told who to vote for)

02.11.2014 – Ohio Poll Worker Voted Twice, Referred to Prosecutors

02.10.2014 – Pro-Pot Petitioner Convicted for Voter Fraud in Michigan

01.28.2014 – British Citizen, Charged with rape, Appears to have also voted Illegally in New Hampshire Election

01.14.2014 – New Hampshire man Convicted for Voting Twice

01.13.2015 – Alabama Woman Enters Guilty Plea over 8Felony Voter Fraud Charges

01.12.2014 – Texas Vote-Buying Case Leads to 3 FBI Arrests, Investigation Expanding

12.22.2013 – 17 Non-Citizens Caught Voting in Ohio, Hundreds more illegally registered

12.09.2013 – Non-Citizens Charged with voter fraud in Iowa

12.04.2013 – Prisoner in Austin, MN faces felony voter fraud Charge

12.03.2013 – Voter Impersonation Charges in Worcester, MA

12.02.2013 – Ex-magistrate in West Virginia is 4th Official in County to plead Guilty to Corruption, Admits Voter Fraud

11.22.2013 – Massachusetts Resident Indicted for Fraudulent vote in New Hampshire

11.12.2013 – Texas Woman Convicted for voting 6 times in 2012 Primary Election

08.28.2013 – 3 Face Voter Fraud Charges in St. Louis County (MO) over False Addresses

08.20.2013 – Feds: Woman uses 5 Absentee Ballots in voter fraud Case (TX)

07.26.2013 – Two Sentenced for Voting while Ineligible in Carlton County, MN

07.19.2013 – Cincinnati poll worker Sentenced to 5 years for voter fraud in 3 Presidential Elections

07.16.2013 – Two Somali Women Charged with Voter Fraud in Rice County, MN

06.28.2013 – Missouri: Couple Pleads Guilty yo Voter Fraud

06.18.2013 – Virgina Man Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud, Perjury

06.14.2013 – FEMA Official Charged in Florida Voter Fraud Case

06.13.2013 – Police Raid Miami Mayoral Campaign in Absentee Voter Fraud Case

05.11.2013 – Carlton County, MN: Woman Convicted of voter fraud – Another Charged

05.01.2013 – State Representative and Democrat Party Worker Sentenced to 18 Months for 20 Counts of Voter Fraud

04.26.2013 – Indiana Officials Found Guilty in Ballot Petition Fraud

04.09.2013 – Former MA Lawmaker gets 4 months in Prison for Voter Fraud Scheme

04.06.2013 – Court Papers: Voter Fraud one of NY Assemblyman’s Tricks for Gaining Power

03.27.2013 – North Dakota Secretary of State Finds Double-Voting and False Identity Voting – Referred to Prosecutors

03.26.2013 – New Hampshire Attorney General Investigating Voter Fraud in Grafton

03.26.2013 – North Carolina Investigating Vote Buying Scheme

03.26.2013 – 2 More Charged in Iowa Voter Fraud Investigation (felon and non-citizen)

03.24.2013 – Wisconsin Prosecutors Charge 10 People with Voter Fraud

03.21.2013 – Police Investigate Mail Ballot Fraud in St. Clair County, IL

03.19.2013 – AG Investigating Thousands of NH Voter Affidavits

03.11.2013 – Nun, Others Face Voter Fraud Charges in Hamilton County, OH

03.11.2013 – Ohio Poll Worker Charged with 8 Counts of Voter Fraud

03.04.2013 – Judge admits Evidence in Alleged Voter Fraud Case (Indiana)

02.22.2013 – Felon’s “I Voted Early” Sticker leads to Arrest, Fraud Charges (FL)

02.14.2013 – Plea Deal in Indiana Democrat Political Operative Voter Fraud Case

02.07.2013 – Willmar (MN) Student Faces Felony Charges for Voting both from Home and College Precincts in 2012

02.05.2013 – 28 Subpoenas issued in Hamilton County, Ohio Voter Fraud Investigation

01.18.2013 – WI Felon Charged with Voter Fraud

01.14.2013 – Vote Fraud Charges Expected in Ohio.

12.20.2012 – County Worker in NJ Sentenced to 5 Years for Voter Fraud in Conspiracy Case

12.20.2012 – MA Lawmaker (Member of Elections Committee) Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud

12.14.2012 – Prosecutor: SEIU Organizer Committed Voter Fraud in WI

12.05.2012 – Fraud Allegations Mar Mayor’s Race in Orange Cove, CA

12.01.2012 – Voter Fraud Investigation Prompts New Calls for Voter ID Law in WI

11.29.2012 – Cottage Grove (MN) Police Investigating Voter Impersonation Fraud

11.26.2012 – Voter Fraud Found in Mower County, Minnesota – Update: Non-citizens voted

11.24.2012 – Former Morrisville, NC Councilwoman Found Guilty of Voter Fraud

11.23.2012 – Iowa Secretary of State Expects more Voter Fraud Arrests

11.23.2012 – Over 500 Non-Citizens Removed from Colorado Voter Rolls After Investigation

11.21.2012 – Clinton, LA Police Investigating 115 Cases of Voter Fraud (13% of Total in the Small Town)

11.21.2012 – Indiana Sheriff’s Department Employees Investigated, Charged for Voter Fraud

11.20.2012 – East Longmeadow, MA Selectman & Candidate for State Rep. in Court on Voter Fraud Charges

10.19.2012 – Dead Woman Among Names on Disputed Voter Forms (FL)

10.17.2012 – Error or Deliberate Fraud may Disenfranchise Spanish-Speaking Voters in Arizona

10.16.2012 – Voter Fraud Found in Vernon, CA Election – could Change Winner

10.15.2012 – Florida Woman Sentenced for Wisconsin Election Fraud (Additional Story: Connected to Anti Voter ID Group)

10.12.2012 – Florida Felon Charged with Multiple Voter Fraud Crimes

10.10.2012 – Candidate Voted Twice in Same Elections (Texas, Pennsylvania)

10.04.2012 – LA City Councilman and Wife to Stand Trial for Voter Fraud

10.02.2012 – 10 NDSU Football Players Plead Guilty to Election Fraud

09.26.2012 – CA Democrats Claim Republican Voter Fraud

09.25.2012 – 9 New Interstate Cases of Voter Fraud in Arizona

09.20.2012 – Reform Democrats Claim Widespread Voter Fraud in New York Primary

09.19.2012 – 4 Republican Staffers Charged with Election Fraud in Michigan

09.13.2012 – New Albany, KY Mayoral Candidate, Another Arrested on Voter Fraud Charges

09.10.2012 – MD – Candidate for House Quits Campaign Amid Voter Fraud Allegations

09.05.2012 – “Ballot Broker,” others face felony charges for voter fraud in Florida

09.02.2012 – Non-Citizen Pleads Guilty to Voter Fraud in Florida

08.29.2102 – Two Men Sentenced in Lincoln County WV Voter Fraud Conspiracy

08.14.2012 – Voter Fraud Suspected in Massachusetts Race

07.31.2012 – Elderly Couple Alleged Victims of Absentee Voter Fraud in FL

07.31.2012 – Elderly Man Resists Voter Fraud Van Coercion – TX

07.26.2012 – AZ: Candidate for County Supervisor Withdraws After Former Companion Found to Have Voted While Dead

07.25.2012 – Kentucky Voter Fraud Allegedly Funded by Drug Money

07.23.2012 – FL: Ineligible (non-citizen) Voters Discovered on Orange County Voter Rolls

07.19.2012 – PA: Philly Election Official Details Examples of Voter Fraud

07.12.2012 – CA City Officials Plead Guilty to Voter Fraud and Corruption

07.06.2012 – Voter Fraud sends Former Charlottesville, VA Council Candidate to Jail

07.02.2012 – State Police Investigate Espanola, NM Voter Fraud

06.26.2012 – Fluvanna VA School Teacher Officially Indicted for Voter Fraud

06.24.2012 – Sunland Park NM Ex-Employees Indicted for Voter Fraud, Conspiracy

06.21.2012 – Election Fraud: California Union Official Voted in Wisconsin Recall

06.19.2012 – Arkansas Prosecutor asks Investigator to Look into Suspected Voter Fraud

06.07.2012 – Quartzsite, AZ Voter Fraud Allegations

06.05.2012 – Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin – Eyewitnesses Speak Out

06.05.2012 – New Jersey Democrats Square off over Alleged Voter Fraud Effort

05.29.2012 – 88 Election Complaints Filed in South Texas (exploitation of vulnerable adults for election fraud)

05.23.2012 – KAMC Investigates Voter Fraud in Lorenzo, TX

05.20.2012 – Voter Fraud Charges Expand  in New Mexico Town – More Arrests Made

05.16.2012 – MI State Audit Shows Dead People, Prisoners Cast 1,500 Votes

05.07.2012 – State Sweep Finds 1,251 Ineligible (Non-Citizen) Voters in FL

05.04.2012 – 3,100 Invalid Voter Registration Cards Turned in by GOP Registration Drive in CA

05.01.2012 – Mayor of Austin, Indiana Arrested on Voter Fraud Charges

04.30.2012 – Democratic precinct chairwoman candidate indicted in voter fraud case in Fort Worth, TX

04.26.2012 – Milwaukee WI DA Investigating Voter Fraud Claims Involving “Occupy” Protestors

04.23.2012 – Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in Virginia

04.10.2012 – Vernon CA Election Mired in Fraud Allegations

04.04.2012 – IL State Police Investigating State’s Attorney investigator for Voter Fraud

04.03.2012 – 4 Indiana Democrat Party Officials Charged with Election Fraud

04.03.2012 – NC State Trooper & Town Commissioner charged for corruption and voter fraud

04.03.2012 – Richmond (VA) Indicts 10 on Voter Fraud Charges

03.29.2012 – NM State Senate Candidate Accused of Voter Fraud

03.29.2012 – Troubled LA Suburb Investigating Possible Voter Fraud

03.24.2012 – Ohio Elections Chief Asks for Voter Fraud Probe (double-voting across state lines)

03.15.2012 – 7 Indicted for Voter Fraud in Texas Road Utility District Election

03.15.2012 – Iowa Counties Reporting Multiple Cases of Voter Fraud

03.08.2012 – Former WV Sherriff, County Clerk Plead Guilty to Attempting to Steal Election

03.08.2012 – 3rd Arrest Made in NM Border City Vote Fraud Case

03.07.2012 – Candidates Claim Voter Fraud in Orlando, FL Mayor & Commissioner Race

03.07.2012 – Voter Fraud Charges Against Group Who Registered to  a Motel to Vote out of District in TX

03.07.2012 – Politician Charged in Voter Fraud Case – NC

03.06.2012 – Illegal Alien Convicted of Fraud Voted Regularly Under Name of US Citizen in AL

03.06.2012 – Guilty Pleas in Voter Fraud Case Involving Hundreds of Forged Absentee Ballots in WV

03.04.2012 – Police Arrest Woman in Connection with Voter Fraud in Sunland Park, NM (more)

03.03.2012 – 9 Voter Fraud Cases Investigated in Iowa Municipal Elections

02.29.2012 – Voter Fraud Investigation Leads to Assault Charges in Lincoln County, WV

02.28.2012 – Chicago: Former Elmwood Park Residents May Have Submitted Fraudulent Votes

02.27.2012 – Dallas County Judge Carlos Medrano found Guilty in Voter Fraud Case

02.17.2012 – NC Police Officers Investigated, Charged with Voter Fraud

02.14.2012 – Medrano Vote Fraud Trials Get Underway (Dallas, TX)

02.07.2012 – Indiana’s Top Election Official Convicted of Voter Fraud

02.06.2012 – Alabama DA to Investigate Possible Voter Fraud

02.02.2012 – Florida: NBC2 Investigates Voter Fraud (non-citizens caught voting)

01.31.2012 – Marlborough City Councilor Indicted for Voter Fraud (Absentee/Dead Voter)

01.30.2012 – Feds Crack Lincoln County (West Vigrinia) Vote Fraud

01.23.2012 – Six Under Investigation for Double-Voting Across Colorado-Kansas Border

01.20.2012 – Non-Citizens May Have Voted in Maine Election

01.17.2012 – Thousands of Unverifiable Voters Challenged After Ballots were Counted

01.12.2012 – 900 Listed as Dead Recently Voted (South Carolina)

12.30.2011 – Vero Beach Woman Charged with Voter Fraud (Double Voting)

12.21.2011 – 2008 Voter Fraud Cases Moving Ahead (30 ineligible voters appear in court)

12.21.2011 – NY: Vote Probe Arrests Include Councilmen

12.14.2011 – Chicago: Couple (non-citizens) Denies Vote Fraud Charges

11.24.2011 – 12 Charged with (Absentee) Voter Fraud in Georgia Election (see more)

11.22.2011 – Second Michigan Dem Pleads Guilty in Fake Tea Party Election Fraud Scheme

11.21.2011 – Years Later, Voter Fraud Charges Emerge

11.04.2011 – 49 Dakota County Residents Charged with Illegally Voting in 2008

10.30.2011 – Voter Fraud Allegations Mar Buffalo Race

10.27.2011 – Group Home Residents Deemed Incapable of Voting Brought to Vote by Caregivers

10.16.2011 – Thousands of Voter Fraud Cases Just Tip of the Iceberg

09.29.2011 – School Board President Convicted of Voter Fraud, Perjury

09.07.2011 – DC Mayor’s Staffer Andi Pringle Resigns over Voting Fraud Charge

08.25.2011 – 5 Wright County Felons Accused of Voting Illegally

08.24.2011 – Watchdog Group Sues Fed. Dept. of Justice over Ties to Project Vote/ACORN

08.12.2011 – NC: Four Wake Residents Charged with Voting Twice

08.10.2011 – ACORN Fined $5000 for illegal voter registration scheme

07.29.2011 – NAACP Leader Sent to Prison for 10 Counts of Voter Fraud

07.01.2011 – Austin Indiana Mayor Investigated for Voter Fraud

04.19.2011 – Washington County… 11 Charged with Voting Illegally

03.31.2011 – 5,000 Non-Citizens Voted in Colorado’s 2010 Election

03.17.2011 – Non-Citizen Charged with 17 Counts of Voter Fraud in IL

01.26.2011 – 16,000 Non-Citizens on Colorado Voter Rolls

01.19.2011 – Elderly Man Sentanced for Voting Under Deceased Son’s, Brother’s Names

12.27.2010 – KC Legislator may be Denied Seat over Voter Fraud Allegations

11.11.2010 – Did Students Commit Voter Fraud?

11.08.2010 – Students May Face Felonies Over Illegal Vouching

11.02.2010 – Minnesota County (Crow Wing) Investigating Voter Fraud Allegations

10.31.2010 – Minnpost story on Election Integrity Watch

10.30.2010 – Women Charged with Voting While Ineligible

10.28.2010 – Fox News Covers Election Integrity Watch

10.26.2010 – Another 34 Charges of Voter Fraud Coming from 2008 Election.

10.25.2010 – St. Louis County Investigating Possible Vot Fraud

10.23.2010 – Illegal Voting (video)

10.23.2010 – 5 Charged in Clay County with Felony Voter Fraud

10.22.2010 – AZ Group Accused of Massive Voter Fraud is Offshoot of SEIU

10.22.2010 – Five Charged with Illegal Voting in Clay County

10.21.2010 – Complaint: 6 Charged With Voter Fraud

10.21.2010 – Absentee Voter Fraud Investigation Opened in Alabama

10.15.2010 – US House Committee on Oversight Sends Secretary of State Mark Ritchie a Letter about Felon Voters

10.15.2010 – Former ACORN Worker Pleads Guilty to Wisconsin Election Fraud

10.02.2010 – Florida Case Puts Focus on Issue of Absentee Ballot Fraud

09.30.2010 – Rochester: Three Charged With Illegally Voting in 2008, Another Charge Expected

09.27.2010 – Houston Citizens Group Finds Massive Voter Fraud

09.18.2010 – Fradulent Vote Counts Keep Rising in Minnesota Elections

09.13.2010 – Wisconsin, Minnesota Chase Double-Voting Cases

09.11.2010 – Western Wisconsin Men Charged with Voter Fraud

08.07.2010 – It All Starts With Vote Fraud (Absentee Ballot Fraud in Bell, CA)

07.16.2010 – Felon Voters in Minnesota May Have Determined Election

07.14.2010 – Watchdog: Feds Were Asleep at the Switch When Minnesota Felons Went to the Polls.

07.08.2010 – Lawlessness at the DOJ: Voting Section Told Not to Enforce Purging the Dead or Ineligible from Voting Rolls.

06.29.2010 – Watchdog Group Says Convicted Felons are Voting Illegally

10.08.2002 – MO Officials Suspect Fake Voter Registrations

10.16.2008 – FBI Launches ACORN Voter Fraud Investigation

07.10.2008 – Officials Investigate 3 Alabama Counties in Voter Fraud Accusations

12.13.2006 – ACORN Voter Fraud in Kansas City

10.17.2002 – Voting Fraud Aimed at Benefiting Strip Club

03.04.1998 – Judge Orders New Miami, FL Mayor’s Election After Discovery of 5,000 Fraudulent Ballots

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