Rules of Conduct

To be considered a participant in the Election Integrity Watch program, you must agree to abide by these rules of conduct on Election Day.

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  1. Observe all laws and obey lawful orders from peace officers and election judges.
  2. Do not approach voters for any reason. Do not question voters. If you have reason to challenge a voter’s eligibility, go to an election judge.
  3. Do not linger in the polling place. Only election officials and authorized poll challengers are allowed to remain in the polling place. Everyone else must only be inside the polling place to vote or register to vote and then immediately leave. Fraud spotters going in to vote should be vigilant and observe their surroundings while engaging in voting activities and then leave.
  4. When observing a polling place from outside, remain at least 100’ from the polling place.
  5. Do not create a disruption in the polling place.
  6. Do not take photos or video inside the polling place unless you are able to capture a blatant election crime in progress. Under no circumstances should you photograph someone while they are voting, or photograph a completed ballot.
  7. Be polite and respectful. If someone tries to goad you into a confrontation, don’t take the bait. Keep your cool.
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