Minnesota Ranks Near Bottom on Election Integrity Scorecard

Minnesota ranks in the bottom ten states when it comes to election integrity according to a national think tank. It comes as no surprise to those of us who’ve been watching these things for years, but there’s great value in the Heritage Foundation shining a spotlight on the problem with a newly released state-by-state Election Integrity Scorecard. Dropping 8 places […]

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Voter Fraud Increasing - Trending Up

Is Voter Fraud on the Rise?

| Voter Fraud and Corruption just Business as Usual and 20% Admit to Voting Illegally? | Voter Fraud has been a problem for as long as there have been elections, but is it getting worse? There are certainly indications that it is on an upswing and perhaps, even normalized as standards are continually loosened. The Battle Over Felons Voting Continues […]

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Felons Voting

The Fight Over Convicted Felons Voting Before They’ve Done Their Time

| Despite State Constitution, Minnesota’s Democrat Pols want Convicted Felons Voting Before They’ve done Their Time – The Fight Continues. | Minnesota’s Democrat secretary of state and Democrat attorney general are adamant about ensuring that convicted felons, still on parole or probation, have more power over the citizenry. [See Dan McGrath’s essay on felons voting: Should Felons Govern the Law […]

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