Bypassing Big tech Censorship of election integrity news, voter fraud information

Bypassing Big Tech Censorship for Election Integrity News

| Big Tech Censorship as Voter Fraud is on the Rise |

The latest Election Integrity Watch video called “Is Voter Fraud on the Rise?” was uploaded to YouTube about a week ago. The hosting channel has around 1,300 subscribers, most of whom initially signed on for political content like election integrity news. After a week, that video had 15 views. Some prior videos with similar subject matter have garnered tens of thousands of views. A couple have even topped a million. Something ain’t right.

Similarly, after three days, a post about the video on the Election Integrity Watch facebook page, Facebook had showed the post to fewer than 100 of them. That page has over 20,000 followers.

Clearly, these communication channels aren’t working anymore, as big tech has decided this particular subject matter ist verboten.

Fortunately, these particular big tech companies engaging in stealth censorship (so-called shadow-banning and reach limitation) are no longer our only options. After seeing the dismal performances on YouTube and Facebook that I described, I decided to experiment with an alternative video platform and uploaded the video that got 15 views on YouTube to Rumble. With a brand-new account, having zero subscribers and without promoting it on any other platform, the video was viewed over 150 times during the first couple days – ten times the views it got on a well-established YouTube Channel.

After seeing the results of this experiment, it’s obvious that Rumble will be the new home of Election Integrity Watch videos. Please drop by the new Rumble Channel and subscribe. Archived videos from YouTube will be moved over gradually, along with new Election Integrity Watch content coming soon.

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