Voter Fraud in Bridgeport and Around the Nation: Dan McGrath Interview on CT Politics

| Connecticut has a Problem with Voter Fraud in Bridgeport and CT Politics Took an Interest in The Voter Fraud Manual by Minnesota’s Voter Fraud Investigator and Election Integrity Advocate, Dan McGrath |

Bridgeport Voter Fraud - CT Politics Interviews Voter Fraud Manual Author, Dan McGrath

Dr. Amy Chai, a regular contributor to CT Politics TV reports on a slew of voter fraud charges in Bridgeport Connecticut involving mail-in ballots and talks broadly about how voter fraud affects elections in the United States with Election Integrity Watch founder, Dan McGrath.

McGrath recently released a comprehensive new book on the ways voter fraud occurs and how to prevent it, titled The Voter Fraud Manual. As McGrath points out in his book, a bipartisan commission led by former (Democrat) president, Jimmy Carter and former (Republican) secretary of state James Baker found that mail-in ballots have been the most likely avenue for voter fraud. With the recent advent of pop-up voting locations and un-monitored ballot drop boxes, that may be shifting some, but mail-in ballots remain a major area of concern when it comes to election integrity.

In Bridgeport’s 2023 mayoral election, John Gomes challenged seven-term incumbent Joe Ganim in the Democrat primary and he’s now brought a lawsuit to halt certification of the election, alleging voter fraud.

The primary election was a tight one, with Ganim seeming to come out on top with a lead of 251 votes, but challenger Gomes has presented surveillance video alleged to show Bridgeport city employee and Ganim supporter Wanda Geter-Pataky, dumping absentee ballots in a drop box several days before Election Day. Ballot harvesting (the mass collection of ballots from other voters to be delivered by one person) is not permitted in Connecticut.

Connecticut police are investigating other ballot collection sites for possible additional instances of ballot harvesting fraud and Gomes is petitioning the court for a new election.

Voter Fraud in Bridgeport’s elections is sadly noting new. In fact, law enforcement there is also still dealing with the fallout of the 2019 mayoral election, where elections officials have recommended investigating criminal violations by at least three people aligned with the long-term mayor’s campaign, including a member of the Bridgeport City Council. Those charges involved mail-in ballots and coercion.

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