Ramsey County Ordered to Show Cause in Absentee Ballot Lawsuit

Ramsey County Ordered to Show Cause in Commissioner Candidate’s Lawsuit on Absentee Ballot Handling
Hearing Date Set: August 7th at 11:00 AM

St. Paul – Dan McGrath, a candidate for county commissioner in Ramsey County’s 2nd Commissioner District on July 23rd, announced that he has joined a lawsuit with the Minnesota Voters Alliance, to compel errant elections officials in Ramsey County to follow the law as written when handling absentee ballots. The lawsuit takes the form of a petition for writ of Mandamus, which is essentially an order to perform an official duty correctly.

District Court Judge Thomas Gilligan has executed an “Alternative Writ of Mandamus” against Ramsey County, commanding the respondent to show cause why the County should not be required to comply with the petitioners’ writ. A special term of the Court has been scheduled for August 7th at 11:00 AM to hear arguments.

McGrath is a member of the Minnesota Voters Alliance and has a long history of working for integrity in Minnesota’s elections. So-called ballot boards are supposed to be comprised of citizen election judges of different political parties to help ensure fairness, but the lawsuit says Ramsey County isn’t doing that.

“I don’t know what makes some bureaucrats think they can ignore the statutes and make up their own rules,” McGrath said. “A clean election process that follows the law with citizen oversight and transparency is crucial for voter confidence in the outcomes.”

Read the rest and find official court documents at DanMcGrath.org.

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