Woke Coke and Delta CEOs push Fed Takeover of State Election Systems and total ban on Voter ID

Check out this takedown video of Woke Coke CEO James Quincey and Delta CEO Ed Bastian over their support for a federal takeover of state election systems and a total prohibition on requiring identification or any kind of identity or eligibility verification to vote. Their support of Unconstitutional HR1 means they don’t want dead voters purged from voter rolls. They want election day registration and automatic registration in every state with no ID or eligibility checks. They want safeguards enacted by state legislatures against unlawful voting to be swept away.

Learn more about HR1, here: Election Integrity Conference Highlights

Get involved in this crucial issue. In Minnesota, Check out ElectionIntegrityWatch.org, and the Minnesota Voters Alliance at MNVoters.org or nationally, get acquainted with True the Vote and the Heritage Foundation.

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