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A Discussion on HR1 and Election Integrity in America – Highlights

Election Integrity Conference Highlights

Polls show that voter confidence in our electoral systems is at an all time low.

In the 2020 election, the Covid 19 pandemic was used as justification for last minute electoral procedure changes that did away with a number of anti-fraud measures. Those changes were enacted solely by Democrat officials in several states, without authorization by the legislatures of those states.

Whether those changes had a significant impact on election outcomes in those states isn’t yet fully studied or known, but regardless, severe damage was done to voter confidence.

Generally scant election integrity measures that vary from state to state are now coming under intense partisan attack in Washington.

Minnesota’s own former congresswoman and presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann recently presided over a 7-hour long video conference on the subject of election integrity and the design of HR1, a democrat-authored 800-page bill that aims to overturn state election laws across the nation, prevent ID requirements and mandate unfettered, unverified election day registration for all. Highlights from the conference are presented in the video, above.

This absolutely professional and excellent conference was hosted by Regent University’s Robertson School of Government and includes esteemed speakers, Dr. Ben Carson, Wall Street journal columnist and author of several books on election integrity, John Fund; Hans Von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation, who formerly served on the Federal Election Commission.

If you want to dig in deeper, watch the entire 7-hour conference.

Get involved in this crucial issue. In Minnesota, Check out, and the Minnesota Voters Alliance at or nationally, get acquainted with True the Vote and the Heritage Foundation.

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