Watch List

What to Watch

Here are some of examples of activities things that may indicate an occurrence of voter fraud:

  • Buses arriving at the polling place (photograph or video the bus and follow if possible)
  • Multiple people being vouched for (does the voucher know the person?) A person who was vouched for cannot vouch for other voters.
  • Election Day Registrations completed with ID’s bearing visa expiration dates / “status check” – this indicates the person is not a citizen.
  • People with more than one ballot.
  • Voter harassment/intimidation – Harassing, impeding or intimidating voters is illegal. Be on the lookout for people standing in front of polling place entrances. Except for officially authorized people, it is illegal to linger within 100 feet of a polling place.
  • People getting assistance voting – are they voting for themselves, or is the helper telling them how to vote?
  • Assisted Living Facilities – Did the resident request an absentee ballot? It’s illegal to give an absentee ballot to someone who did not request one in advance.  It is illegal for someone to tell residents how to vote or to vote for them.
  • Spoiled or duplicated ballots improperly handled (fed into machine, not put in the proper envelope, or altered)

Beware of distractions/diversions: When voter fraud is being attempted, there may be a diversion to draw attention away, or someone may attempt to obscure the view of poll challengers by standing in their way. If there is a disruption in the polling place, look around and see what else is happening.

After the polls close (for election workers and official poll challengers):

  • Verify that the number of signatures matches ballot counts
  • Verify that the machine count matches signature counts
  • Verify that all envelopes and ballot transfer cases are sealed and signed by election judges
  • Verify that summary statements are correct and not tampered with before being sealed in their envelopes
  • It is not legal to use ballot receipt counts to prepare official summary statements. Judges must count signatures (MN Statutes 204C.20, 204C.24 and 206.86).

What to do:

  • Take careful notes. Document names, and exact times of incidents.
  • Contact Election Integrity Watch to report any suspicious activity. If needed, we will forward to the appropriate authorities.
  • Take photos or video of busses arriving at the polls. Follow them if possible, and document times. Email pictures with details to report -at-

What not to do:

  • Unless you are an election judge or officially authorized poll challenger, do not directly challenge voters you believe are ineligible. Instead bring it to the attention of election judges and/or the official poll challengers on site. If you have personal knowledge that a person attempting to vote is ineligible, an election judge will provide you with a challenge form.
  • Do not argue with election judges. They have the final say on what goes on at the polling place. If you are asked to leave, leave the building and move at least 100’ away from the entrance.
  • Do not linger inside or within 100′ of a polling place. When you go to vote, do be observant, but don’t linger.
  • Don’t ask voters for identification or question them about their eligibility. That’s the job of election judges.
  • Do not create a disruption in the polling place.
  • Do not take photos or video inside the polling place unless you are able to capture an act of blatant voter fraud. Under no circumstances should you photograph someone while they are voting or photograph a completed ballot.
  • Do not wear any candidate’s campaign attire, buttons or stickers to the polling place. Don’t bring any signs into or within 100’ of a polling place.

See here if you desire more details about what to do and watch for.

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